Sakarya Botanik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. and web application development team as Corporate Services Software & Engineering during the creation of our web page and work to be done can be viewed by all internet access tools. Many web browsers and mobile devices within the scope of these studies, tests were performed. As a result of the tests, specific improvements were made on the web page. Despite all efforts, or display some errors may experience problems browsing the web page. Web page as a group of these errors as soon as technically eliminated.
Home Short Transportation Names (Clean URLs)
You can access the contents of a Web page and departments in mind that the shortest way to increase the stability of the names of all the content created access to parts of the text.

Alternative Texts pictures
Blind by visiting the web page text content, text created as an alternative to pictures in order to benefit. In addition, specific data within the scope of accessibility of data consistency checking is improved.

Mobile Device Support
Page infrastructure is designed to be viewable on mobile devices.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility priorities set by the (WAI) Content Accessibility configured in accordance with the Principles.

In some parts of the Web page, javascript (web applications programming language) is used. Constitute a direct failure in terms of working Javascripts operation. However, we recommend that you turn on javascript support in order to properly view the pages.

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